About us

Song Hao Cashew Splitter Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of cashew processing equipment. Our customers are cashew nut processing factories in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Nigeria, Benin, Jordan, Turkey, Mexico...


With experience and comprehensive technology solutions in the cashew processing industry, we provide equipment for a variety of cashew nut processing plants on request with a factory capacity of 10-100ton/shift. We are committed to providing the most advanced equipment and technology solutions for an efficient cashew nut processing plant.

With a modern closed system, high-tech machinery, we bring to customers the most modern automatic cashew nut splitting machine in Vietnam branded SONG HAO to shorten production time, increase productivity and automatically during the cashew nut shelling process. Thereby helping cashew nut processing enterprises increase profits and reduce costs in the production process.



With the motto "customer's success is the progress of Song Hao Cashew Splitter", we are constantly researching and developing leading cashew processing technology and equipment to meet strict safety requirements. food and quality as well as optimizing productivity and economic efficiency.



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